Our History

The Hotel Fornos was built in 1933 by Baltasar Zuriaga, Teruel. It was built before the Civil War, and really not premiered as a hotel, but as a hospital.

Sadly, many were wounded people who passed by, and what I really wanted to be a hotel, for one of life's ironies, and by the terrible reality of the time, it ended up being a site that is not precisely going for pleasure.

Finished the Civil War, he began his hospitality business. The Hotel Restaurant Fornos was a benchmark in those years, since it was the only hotel that had in Calatayud.

Later, she ran the family Zorraquín until the year 1978, which was when José Manuel Steel (father), took charge of this business.

In 1990 and was renovated in its entirety, enabling bathrooms in the rooms and more amenities than previously lacked.

There are many people who have gone through Calatayud, and they've stayed in this hotel, famous figures such as the actor Antonio Ferrandis, the singer Luz Casal, and elite athletes such as tennis player Emilio Sánchez Vicario, or the cyclist Escartín.

A site that is part of the life of many bilbilitanos and the city of Calatayud, where hospitality has occupied and occupies a very outstanding place by the quality of all the establishments in this sector.

A place with many memories, that today, is still working and striving to offer the best service to always remember the Hotel Restaurant Fornos as what it is, a family hotel with lots of history.

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